Marketing Services Director

Marketing Services Director

Do you love creating marketing campaigns that knock people’s socks…and shoes off? Do you love showing them how effectively your campaign performed?

If you answered “yes,” we have the job you’ve been searching for. We are looking for a highly motivated Marketing Services Director. In this new and exciting role, you will lead the marketing team and work hand in hand with clients on strategy and campaign optimization.

This job is equal parts idea generator and digital marketing guru.

Expectations for the Job

  • Act as the day-to-day agency marketing leader and oversees client marketing efforts that drive results and build demand generation.
  • Well-rounded knowledge of online ads, SEO, copyediting, marketing automation, and data analysis.
  • Collaborate with, direct, and support the team so they have what they need to deliver impactful work.
  • Ability to identify and recognize the latest marketing trends to implement process changes and improvements.
  • Work with project manager to ensure projects and campaigns meet deadlines and within scope.
  • Know our clients’ businesses as well as if you worked there and be able to talk about their marketing plan like it’s as familiar as your own life story.
  • An extreme level of detail and discernment when reviewing client work to ensure we only deliver top-notch, bulletproof work for our clients.
  • Able to understand data to develop, suggest, and measure recommendations for marketing strategies and activities.
  • Advanced knowledge of marketing reporting, including conversion reporting.
  • Some work on client projects, e.g., copywriting, design, reporting, as needed and dependent on the level of expertise or desire to grow skillsets.
  • Assist with overall marketing for the agency as a whole.
  • Manage and mentor the marketing team.
  • Time tracking of all work via our project management systems.

What we’re looking for in you!

The hard skills are the bare minimum to get one foot in the door, but we’re looking for someone who shares our core values and enhances our culture.

  • The Desire to Push Beyond Your Perceived Capabilities: One Foot Over is not just our name. It’s a way of life. We unabashedly push to go beyond the line.
  • Continuous Improvement: We believe in constant learning and improvement, and only work with people who believe the same.
  • Curiosity: An unwavering, insatiable desire for learning.
  • Passionate: You must eat, sleep, and breathe marketing. OK, not really, but you really have to LOVE marketing to succeed here.
  • The latest and greatest: Strong interest in marketing technology.
  • Resourceful: We’re a Google-first environment. If you don’t know the answer, Google it first. We’re here to help after you’ve tried your best.
  • Communication: Effectively use G Suite (email, calendars, document sharing), Slack, and other collaboration tools utilized by the One Foot Over team.
  • Collaboration: Work with the team to improve and move the work forward by providing expertise but accepting feedback.
  • Sense of Humor: We work hard but also like to have fun, so enjoying memes and puns will help.

Experience Needed

  • College degree in Marketing, Advertising, Business, or Communications.
  • 7+ years of marketing experience.
  • Experience managing direct reports is preferred.
  • Advanced knowledge of marketing tools and technology, including SEO, social media, CMS, CRM, analytics tools, etc. (HubSpot experience preferred).
  • Extensive knowledge of digital marketing best and next practices, including trends and recent developments.

Work Environment and Expectations

We have a hybrid work environment with flexible hours Monday through Friday, and once in a while, we may need you on a weekend. Most importantly, you’ll need to be there when clients need you to be available.

Ready to Make Magic Happen?

We want to make sure we’re a fit for you and you’re a fit for us.
The application process starts out the same as most other jobs. You’ll apply online, submit your resume, and answer a few questions. To make sure we hire the candidate that can not only do the job, but also mesh well with our team and enhance our culture, we take a unique approach to our interview process.