Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Your business doesn’t operate in a vacuum. Why do most marketing plans pretend that it does?

The reality of business is that the world is constantly changing—competition, technology, trends, customer preferences. There is no guarantee that what works in Q1 will work in Q3. That’s why we believe that agility is the name of the game when it comes to planning out your marketing.

Setting goals annually is great—and a practice that we believe is important for companies to continue. However, marketing strategy as we know it is dead. The moving targets that are your competition and customers aren’t going to wait for you to rewrite your annual plan when it misses the mark. This is why our digital advertising agency adopted an agile marketing philosophy. We implement, measure, iterate, and repeat in a 90-day sprint process.

Our Process

Great marketing is no accident. It’s not an art as much as it is a science. It takes a lot of intelligent planning and creative strategy to get it right. When we work with new clients, we start with a 30-Day Discovery phase, then jump into our 90-Day Sprints.

Phase One: 30-Day Discovery

You never really know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes. We’re pretty sure the same goes for businesses. That’s why our advertising agency starts the client relationship by rolling up our sleeves and jumping right in. Actual shoe swap optional.

The 30-Day Discovery is a comprehensive exploratory session where we assimilate with your team, get to know your business, and assess your marketing activities. During this time, we’ll create buyer personas through in-depth research to figure out what really makes your customers tick. We’ll distinguish what’s working from what isn’t, and uncover opportunities you may not know even existed. From there, we formulate a plan for the next steps.

Getting Down to It: 90-Day Sprints

The 90-Day Sprints are where the magic really starts to happen. After our 30-Day Discovery, we’ll sit down and establish what we want to accomplish in this sprint and create a detailed course of action to get there. Then, we get started. You’ll have regular communication, monthly reports, and access to all of your results and analytics in real-time.

So, why 90 days? We believe that it’s the perfect balance between agility and stability. Ninety days allows us enough time to accurately measure the success of each marketing tactic, while still providing the dexterity and speed needed to continue crushing it in the competitive landscape. At the end of the 90-Day Sprint, we’ll reassess our goals, direction, and tactics.

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