Just Getting Started

Just Getting Started

Our fully-stocked Startup Pack is offered at a flat rate


They say that the best time to plant a tree is either two years ago or today. Let’s plant that tree, shall we?

A strong online presence is a non-negotiable for business today. Whether those first business cards are hot off the presses or you’re ready to transition into a new way of doing things, we can help.

Our Startup package is designed to rev up your digital marketing from the very beginning. We will launch everything you need to make a smashing debut for your online presence in just three months. After all, you can’t win if you’re not playing the game.

Here’s what our Startup package includes:

Website Design

A sleek website that’s ready to grow with you.

Website design isn’t just about looking great, it’s also about being smart. Your responsive site will look great on any device and come equipped with a powerful, easy-to-use content management system (CMS) that drives more visitors and better SEO.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a beautiful new website that needs a full redesign as soon as it needs a small edit or addition. Your website will be created with flexibility and growth in mind.

Social Media

Social media setup across all channels.

Social media is like free premium real estate. It’s awesome, you should definitely stake your claim to it, and it’s absolutely no good to you if you don’t build a sweet new crib on it. We’ll set up all your social media channels so they are ready to work for you—profile pictures, cover pages, addresses, handles, and descriptions.

Data Analytics

Full Google Analytics implementation that’s ready to put your website data to work.

Business owners often don’t realize the true power of a website as a feedback channel. Google Analytics helps business owners see how customers got to their website, who they are, and how they behave and react once they are there. This information can help businesses create continuously improving marketing practices for current and future customers alike.


Search Engine Optimization intelligence built-in.

Start taking advantage of quality search engine traffic from the get-go. We’ll research and implement a killer strategy that will do work in a highly competitive environment, including content that converts visitors into customers and keywords that provide quality search rankings.

Email Marketing

An email marketing platform and template that brings it home.

Numbers don’t lie—email marketing is shockingly great at giving you a ton of return on your marketing investment if done right. We will carefully research and vet email marketing platforms that meet your individual needs and fit seamlessly into your business’s digital ecosystem.

We also provide a branded email template for you to hit the ground running with your email marketing. The template will be ready to go and fully compliant with CANSPAM and privacy laws—just add copy and hit send.

Our fully-stocked Startup Pack is offered at a flat rate


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