Web Design & Development Package

Web Design & Development Package

Your website – it’s accessible throughout the world, it’s a reflection of your brand, and it’s the most important marketing tool you have. A website can make an impression within seconds, so it’s gotta pack a visually compelling and informative while being easy to navigate.

So where do you start in order to create an impactful website? How about redesigning to improve functionality and aesthetics? Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a great website. It’s a process with phases of creation and revision. But don’t worry. We’re about to break them down for you.

Phase 1

Goals and Audience

First, we’ll lay the groundwork by determining the “must haves” for your website as well as the ideal audience you’d like to attract. Identifying your goals and audience at the beginning will build a solid foundation for an effective site.

Phase 2

Content Architecture

Next, we’ll get into the heavy lifting. The content architecture phase is the roadmap for the website and will serve as the foundation for SEO and user experience mapping.

In this stage, we’ll determine what needs to be created for an SEO-friendly site – the pages, content, and the marketing tech stack. We’ll create a sitemap, which will look similar to a flowchart with branches, to help you understand how well visitors navigate through your site. With all the planning in place, we’ll create SEO-optimized content to bring in visitors and turn them into leads.

Phase 3

Wireframe & Design

Things are really starting to come together. With your feedback, we’ll finalize content and move on to creating wireframes. Like the blueprints of a building, the wireframes allow you to get a feel for how the pages will be structured. With your approval of the wireframes, we’ll send you some mood boards and design ideas to help you visualize your site’s aesthetics.

Phase 4

Code, Test & Launch

Whew, we’re almost there! It’s time to bring your site to life. Our development team will code and implement the design and content into a staging environment. We’ll make sure your website is working smoothly by extensively testing prior to launch. With your approval, your site will go live! Pop the bubbly, turn up the music, and get your happy dance on – your site is ready to slay.

Whether you’re ready to give your website a makeover (or create one for the first time), team up with us to make your vision a reality.

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