A Tale of Two Marketers

It all started with a business trip away from their spouses, a few cocktails, and a risqué idea that was too tempting to ignore; starting a marketing agency.

Both board members of American Marketing Association (AMA) Houston Chapter, Stephen Brent May and Hami Vo Arrington spent over a year sharing ideas and building the 2016 Crystal Awards. It wasn’t long before the duo realized that their shared knack for being the last to leave the office— as well as the after party, made them a match made in marketing heaven.

Like most great names, there is a bit of double entendre involved. For our clients, One Foot Over means a couple of things. When it comes to your goals, we’ll get you One Foot Over the finish line. It takes careful planning, smart strategy, consistency, and a whole lot of gusto to get you to that electrifying, victory-dancing, crowd-cheering moment of greatness. All you need is to put a goal out there—we’ve got you from there.

For others, One Foot Over means pushing the limits. We firmly believe that nothing interesting happens until you go a little rogue. When innovation, creativity, and tenacity are anchored by smart, data-backed insight, the marketing magic really starts to happen. We’re ready to take you farther than you’ve ever gone before.


What’s With the Name?

What has two founders, marketing savvy, and a name that’s a witty play on words? This marketing agency!

We get this question all the time. For the answer, we take you back to the beginning of our agency. We were ready to make it FBO (Facebook official), but we were missing one very crucial detail—the name.

One day, while Hami and Stephen were in a video production meeting, the director turned and said, “So, you guys like to take things one foot over the line?” Cue lightbulb moment. That’s how One Foot Over, the Digital Marketing Agency, was born.

“I’ve always enjoyed a good puzzle."

Hami Vo Arrington


Growing up, I loved solving jigsaw puzzles. Ok, I’ll be honest — I was obsessed.

I would spend hours — days, putting a puzzle together. And when I reached that oh-so-satisfying moment of fitting in the last piece, I promptly took it apart just so I could put it all together again. Each time I’d try new ways to make it more difficult; putting it together upside down, completing it on the cardboard face, blindfolded (ok, maybe that’s a stretch).

My brain was, and is, hardwired for a challenge and though I still love a good jigsaw, solving complex marketing problems is the new way I spend my days.

For both, it’s about the bigger picture. And when you combine all the pieces; the people, the passion, the strategy, the intent, the final image is indeed so satisfying.

Fun Facts

Favorite Movie:Threat Level Midnight

Ideal Concert:Garth Brooks and OutKast…on the same stage

Typical Pizza Order: Sausage and Mushroom Thin Crust

“From the time I was little, I liked to win."

Stephen Brent May


When I started kindergarten, my goal was to learn something my brother didn’t. He was a grade ahead of me and though he had a year head start in school, I was determined. And on the very first day, I accomplished that goal.

Sitting in Mrs. Cline’s class, I was filled with nothing but excitement when she informed us that Santa Claus wasn’t real. My brother didn’t know this yet and I couldn’t wait to get home to break the news. While I didn’t expect to be the culprit behind my brother’s first childhood trauma, I did accomplish my goal. After just one day of kindergarten, I was smarter than a first grader.

This desire to win has never left me. I want to help people and organizations crush their goals because when they win, in a way — so do I.

PS. My brother and I now have a very healthy relationship.

Fun Facts

Favorite Movie: Stand By Me

Ideal Concert:Prince and Michael Jackson…on the same stage…in Heaven

Typical Pizza Order: Pepperoni and green peppers


Jonathan Madrigal

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Fun Facts

Favorite Movie: Aladdin

Ideal Concert: The Resurrection Tour (Freddie Mercury, Micheal Jackson, and every iconic artist who died lol)

Typical Pizza Order: Pepperoni

Jackson Godoy

Digital Marketing Coordinator

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Fun Facts

Favorite Movie: The Sandlot

Ideal Concert: Chance The Rapper and Frank Ocean

Typical Pizza Order: Chicken Margherita


Barketing Consultant


Fun Facts

Favorite Movie: Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Ideal Concert: Snoop Dogg

Typical Pizza Order: Bacon and cheese, no olives

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