Asana makes project management lean, mean and, like, really pretty

Since our team is dispersed most of the time, effective communication and organization is as critical as it is challenging. We won’t name names, but we’ve gone through our fair share of project management cloud-based software to manage our projects.

After trying out a bunch of project management software, we’ve learned two things. First, even if you have a small team, having a system to keep projects on track is worth taking the time to set up. Second, you have to work with your team’s style. For One Foot Over, Asana has provided us with that “Om” factor for a few different reasons.

Email becomes irrelevant

Email was a disruptive technology for professional communication when it came out, but that was a long time ago. Today, we’re completely buried in emails and it often takes more time and effort to sort out than necessary.

Enter Asana! All communication, links to the files you need, due dates, project info, and more are in one, highly searchable format. We love not having to dig through a chain of email to find what we need. It’s all in one place! Plus, if you still can’t let go of email, Asana automatically provides you with email reminders when tasks are due or if there is some discussion happening that you should be a part of. Easy, painless, and even a little nostalgic.

We’re Kanban-ing like it’s going outta style

We’re total suckers for good design. Clean lines, uncluttered structure, pleasant, yet poppy, colors all make for a look that we can really get behind. I mean, you have to look at it everyday, so it might as well make you happy, right?

The smart design that will make your day goes beyond sleek looks—there really is a lot of thought behind the functionality. Asana is clearly taking a lot of cues from the famous Kanban philosophy. Basically Kanban simplifies and expedites work that need to be completed by teams by creating a visual workflow and allowing you to focus on the overall process, rather than disconnected tasks.

Ever feel like your brain is having trouble keeping up with a state of perpetual “controlled chaos?” (Totally asking for a friend.) If so, Asana’s project board feature transforms that “sticky note system that works completely perfect, I swear!” into a true Kanban’ed-out workflow that is beautiful in its simplicity. Most projects have many tasks that need to flow through different phases, so it’s perfect. Think several blogs in a content calendar that need to go from concept to review to publish. Project boards allows you to drag the task through each phase and reassign to your teammates as necessary.

It doesn’t stop there. If you do many versions of the same type of project, just make a template and copy it for each project. Bam! You’re welcome for all of that extra time. Need to schedule meetings? No problem. Asana syncs with the vast majority of calendars, like iCal and Google Calendar. Except for that one with the cats hanging on your wall. We can’t help you with that.

Get organized with us

Project management software is an excellent way for any company to get seriously organized and efficient. We’d love to share even more ways to get your company to the next level—especially when it comes to marketing (it’s kind of our thing). Reach out to us and let’s get started.

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