Below is our message that appeared in the June 6 edition of Weekend Reading.

Dear friends of One Foot Over,

This week didn’t feel like a week to share marketing tips and news like we normally do. We even struggled with whether to send an email at all, but we didn’t want our silence to seem like complacency.

We are committed to being allies of the Black community. We believe in equality and justice for every living person, regardless of race, sex, age, nationality, country of origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, or whatever categories are placed on people to oppress and marginalize them. We condemn any act of brutality or violence against other human beings.

We pride ourselves on being a diverse company, but we admit we have, at times, benefited from a system that often weighs in our favor. And that’s where the conversation starts. Our friend Denise Hamilton of Watch Her Work helped us better understand this through her online event this past week. We encourage you to watch The Path to Allyship and share it with everyone you know.

We welcome your feedback on other ways to help be the change this world so desperately needs as we work toward a more equal, just, and peaceful country.

Hami and Stephen

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