[VIDEO] What the heck is CRO + launching #funnyfotofriday

Today, we’re launching our video series Two Topics in Two(ish) Minutes. In volume one, we sit down to talk about CRO (it’s the latest KPI!) and wild stock photos.

Topic one: What the heck is CRO?

You’ve probably seen this term on various blogs and other resources. Maybe you’ve asked yourself, should I be measuring it? The answer is YES! CRO stands for conversion rate optimization, and it’s not a new concept. It’s been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years, especially at conferences and other places you get your marketing information.

At the heart of it, CRO is about getting visitors on your site to take the desired action. It’s a measure of how well people are converting on your site. Whether it’s filling out a form or clicking to download a white paper or e-book, how do you optimize your site, pay-per-click ads, or landing pages to get people to take that action? Measure and test so you can optimize the experience to maximize conversions.

Wanna learn how to calculate CRO? Check out Moz’s handy guide.

Topic two: Funny Foto Fridays

When you’re working on a marketing project or website, ideally you have your own photography with your own team or models. Unfortunately, many times we don’t have that luxury. In those cases, you’ll have to sludge through the wild world of stock photography.

Such was the case with a recent client. A stock photo search for truck cabins yielded this photo

Why would anyone need a photo like this? Certainly none of the projects and clients that we take on. This photo got us thinking. We’re not the only ones that have come across a funny stock photo, so let’s share them!

Each #funnyfotofriday, we’ll be posting a funny stock photo we’ve found online. Follow us on Facebook, join in the fun, and share your own funny search results.

Experience Two Topics in Two(ish) Minutes for yourself below.

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