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Our client designed an emergency response management platform built specifically for high hazard industries, like oil refineries and petrochemical plants, as the alternative to accounting for people on site using pen, paper, and clipboards.

Typically each site operates its own P&L and has the power to use products and services that best fit its site. However, no organization wants to be the first to try a product or service, and buyers in this market tend to trust salespeople more than the marketing department.

As their marketing agency, we were tasked with determining the best way to target this market and shortening the client’s sales cycle through targeted marketing activities.


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Together, we created a downloadable case study that proved the platform’s success in other manufacturing sites. Then we developed an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) campaign with communications that looked like they were coming from the client’s primary salesperson as opposed to a typical marketing account.

This strategy included creating a case study, conversion optimized landing page, marketing emails, HubSpot workflows, and paid ad campaigns for various stages of the customer journey.


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