Hami Vo Arrington


Fun facts about Hami

Favorite Movie

Threat Level Midnight

Ideal Concert

Garth Brooks and OutKast…on the same stage

Typical Pizza Order

Sausage and Mushroom Thin Crust

Growing up, I loved solving jigsaw puzzles. Ok, I’ll be honest. I was obsessed.

I would spend hours (ok, days) putting a puzzle together. And when I reached that oh-so-satisfying moment of fitting in the last piece, I promptly took it apart just so I could put it all together again. Each time I’d try new ways to make it more difficult: putting it together upside down, completing it on the cardboard face, blindfolded (maybe that’s a stretch).

My brain has always been hardwired for a challenge and though I still love a good jigsaw, solving complex marketing problems is the new way I spend my days.

For both, it’s about the bigger picture. And when you combine all the pieces–the people, the passion, the strategy, the intent, the final image is indeed so satisfying.

Need a speaker?

Want to hear about what’s happening in marketing strategy, telling your story in a way that brings tears to hearts, leading without fear even when you’re authentically scared, or navigating business when you’re the only minority in the room?

I’m your person.