Stephen Brent May


Fun facts about Stephen

Favorite Movie

Stand By Me

Ideal Concert

Prince and Michael Jackson…on the same stage…in Heaven

Typical Pizza Order

Pepperoni and green peppers

According to CliftonStrengths, competition is my #1 strength, and I’m not afraid to use it.

When I started kindergarten, my goal was to learn something my older brother didn’t know. He was a grade ahead of me and though he had a year head start in school, I was determined. And on the very first day, I accomplished that goal.

Sitting in Mrs. Cline’s class, I was filled with nothing but excitement when she informed us that Santa Claus wasn’t real. My brother didn’t know this yet and I couldn’t wait to get home to break the news. While I didn’t expect to be the cause of my brother’s first childhood trauma, I did accomplished the goal I was chasing. After just one day of kindergarten, I was smarter than a first grader.

This desire to win has never left me. I love to help people and businesses crush their goals because when they win, in a way—so do I.

PS. My brother and I now have a very healthy relationship.

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Want to hear about the latest in strategy, how to implement and run an Agile Marketing team, what it’s like to navigate business as a legally blind member of the LGBTQ+ community with albinism, or just need some light stand-up comedy?

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