One Foot Over Wins 3 AMA Houston Crystal Awards

The AMA Houston Crystal Awards are a big deal, especially at One Foot Over.

Unlike a lot of other marketing awards, the Crystal Awards are not a beauty contest. They are awarded on results, which makes them extremely competitive and even harder to win. It’s an honor to just be nominated (AKA a finalist) but it’s so much cooler to actually win one, or in our case, three!

Aside from being one of the largest and most prestigious marketing award competitions around, the Crystal Awards are also a big reason One Foot Over exists in the first place. Hami and I co-chaired the event several years ago, and because we worked so well as a team, we decided to go into business together.

Competition is my number one strength on the CliftonStrengths assessment, so you might think entering and winning is my main motivator—but that’s not really the case. We entered to showcase the work our clients allow us to do for them every day and winning is more about them than us. Our team even helped a few of our clients write and prepare their own entries, which they won, too.

Here’s a brief look at what took home the awards:

Case Studies / White Papers

Client: inFRONT

While this award was for a Case Study, it was truly an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) success story.

As a maker of emergency response and personnel accountability software, inFRONT knew exactly who their ideal customer was, and we developed a Case Study and highly-targeted LinkedIn inMail campaign to deliver it directly to them with minimal friction.

Paid Social Media: Campaign (two or more ads)

Client: Doggett Equipment Services

Doggett wanted to sell more forestry and construction equipment but they had never tried doing it through Facebook. We developed a robust strategy using lookalike audiences of their previous buyers to target the most qualified potential customers in several markets throughout Texas and Louisiana.

The initial campaign was such a success that it was extended, and we added new targeted markets and products throughout its run.

If you question whether or not Facebook advertising works, I have proof.

Non-Tradeshow Promotional Exhibit

Client: One Foot Over

That’s right. In the most far-fetched award win in history, we took home the Crystal Award for our plastic, giant brick wall and neon sign.

Now, before you say, “I thought it was all about results?” Let me explain.

As a sponsor of the Marketing Edge conference, we had a table in the sponsor area. Since being extra is our thing, we wanted to make a spectacle out of ourselves. We disassembled our lego-style wall, took down the neon sign from our office, and transported it to the conference center to make it the backdrop of our display.

Aside from annoying everyone else by having a giant neon sign shining in their eyes, we offered attendees a free SEO audit, which led to us signing a new client. Results!

We love marketing and working with our awesome clients, so the awards are just icing on an already sweet cake. If you want some shiny trophies for your own office mantle, reach out to us and let’s make some marketing magic.

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